A few tweets

holidaymatinee:  This is the coolest thing to happen to FourSquare since … ever. http://weeplaces.com/foursquare/

drewber:  Your mundane patterns in life, now in a WAY cooler “enemy of the state” format. So badass. http://weeplaces.com/

eliz:  This is the most epic Foursquare visualization I’ve seen yet:  http://bit.ly/9KIMNA

ronjon:  If you use #FourSquare & you haven’t tried Weeplaces.com, then you’re doing it wrong.

International Tweets:

tomytoma @jaceshim http://weeplaces.com/fred-wilson/ 사람들이 하나의 목표를 향해 활동하는 것을 기록하고 시각적으로 보여준다면 난 이런 방식을 채용하고싶다. 한 사람의 History가 뭔가 의미있게 보여질 거라 본다구.

MaxWrs:  Zien waar je zoal uithangt? Visualiseer je #FourSquare activiteit mbv weeplaces.com : http://bit.ly/9fGN7B

tetsukitazawa:  foursquareの視覚化。コレかっこいい!!http://weeplaces.com/foursquare/

Friend functionality pushed!

We just pushed the ability to view your friends and the maps they have created.  Up next, combining their data with yours to see the overlap of venues.

New privacy settings pushed

If you want to hide your FourSquare Visualization, click the lock icon next to your name. 

If you want to delete your visualization, click delete after locking.  You’re data will be deleted from our servers. 

You’ll have to login first via weeplaces.com/foursquare if you are not logged in already.

Building the FourSquare Visualization in less than 48 hours.

Why build this?

It was a weekend project that was inspired by the lack of people doing cool things with the FourSquare API.  

So we spent the weekend building this first iteration.

Who are we?

 We’re the Movity.com team.

FEEDBACK NEEDED.  How can we make this better?  Top visited places?  Best known neighborhoods?  Sent some to info@weeplaces.com

Visualize your movements across towns, regions, or nationally.  

About Us

What is Weeplaces.com?

Weeplaces makes your checkins useful.  

Checkins are a record of your experiences, activities, and places you’ve been. WeePlaces makes use of this data by creating geoprofiles, a personal page of these experiences.  Our goal is to be your storage and organization tool of all your geodata.  

The Team?

WeePlaces is made by the geo-startup Movity.com.  A bunch of entrepreneurs, who focus on data, geo, and making things awesome.

    Eric Wu, product
    Founder, Rentwiki (20 employees, $4.5m raised)
    BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Entrepreneur Under 25
    Founder REIT at 19 yr old, Speaker: Harvard, NAA, NMHC.

    Vaughn Koch, tech
    Expedia (6 yrs)
    Bing (1 yr)
    Burning man (4 yrs)

    Zain Memon, tech
    Core contributor the Django
    Lead eng at Voltage
    Born in the 1990’s

    Sha Hwang, product
    Stamen Design (2 yrs) 
    Projects for Flickr, MTV, CNN, etc
    Speaker for data visualization

    Jonathan McCoy, tech
    Founder of 2 successful ventures 
    Artificial intelligence background
    JS enthusiast

    Andrew Kitchell, community
    Founder of 30words 
    Owns 3 bikes
    Will answer any email sent to him

We’re funded by YCombinator and raised a $1.3m seed round from angels including Naval Ravikant, Paul Buhheit, and Aydin Senkut.